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Australian iron ore

First, the Australian iron ore distribution

90% of proven iron ore resources in Australia are concentrated in Western Australia, mainly distributed in two regions: the Pilbara (Pillbara) region and the Midwest (Midwest) region. Among them, the Pilbara iron ore is high grade iron ore, the specific varieties including low phosphorus and high phosphorus Brookman mine, Mara Mamba ore riverbed mine. Central and western regions iron ore is low grade magnetite, a small amount of hematite and mixed ore. In addition, in South Australia Miduobeike Mountains (the Middleback Ranges and a) and the Savage River in Tasmania (Savage River) mine.
Second, Australia's major iron ore producers

Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton is the world's second largest and third largest supplier of iron ore, of which BHP Billiton mine in the Pilbara region, and Newman (Newman), Jan Di (Yandi) and Ge Dewo Adams (Goldwordhy). Rio Tinto's Hamersley Iron Ore Tom Price, Paraburdoo iron ore, just that iron ore, iron ore Malan Du major mines in the Pilbara region. In addition, FMG has officially put into operation in the second quarter of 2008 onwards, to become Australia's third largest iron ore suppliers.
Third, the Australian iron ore performance

Hamersley ore is characterized by its high Al2O3 content and a relatively fine particle size, which have an adverse impact on the sintering properties.
2, Rob River ore containing 3% -5% of the compound water, which causes high fuel rates and low productivity; poor sintering properties, but its sinter smelting performance is very good.
3, Goldwordhy and Yang Di mine in the Fe content in very different, but both contain a relatively low of Al2O3, and these two ore 比哈默斯利 slag coarse, they have a reasonable smelting performance, but poor sintering performance.
4, MAC mineral powder containing about 5% of the crystal water, burning higher, with its ratio to increase sinter firing rate gradually decreased. Sinter steel research, the MAC powder ratio of 15% -20% less than 5mm level lower ratio for the highest 20% of the sintering yield.
FMG fine ore chemical composition than the Yang Di powder ore sintering and pelletizing performance is not as good as the Yang di powder ore, FMG iron ore fines instead of the Yang Di powder ore utilization coefficient declined. The study by the steel mills, with 10% FMG iron ore fines instead of the Yang Di powder ore is feasible, but to note is that the limonite iron ore powder in the ratio should not exceed 40%.
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